making good decisions in elbow trauma

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making good decisions in elbow trauma

As our understanding of elbow injuries evolves, so must our decision making. Recognition of the pattern of injury and knowledge of the associated patho-anatomical processes are key to informing good treatment decisions.

Our international panel of speakers have been at the forefront of transforming our understanding of the nuances of elbow injury and in particular how this knowledge should steer contemporary management of these difficult problems.

Prof Adam Watts will discuss how the Wrightington elbow classification can guide treatment of fracture dislocations.

Mr Lee Van Rensburg will present his thoughts on contemporary management options for treatment of coronoid fracture

Dr Jorge Orbay from Miami will discuss the rationale behind fixation versus replacement of radial head fractures.

The webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of elbow trauma that will empower confident evidence based decision making for those involved in treating these complex injuries.

Target audience – all orthopaedic practitioners, from consultants/attending grades through to surgical trainees, PAs, nurse specialists and plaster techs.

pre-webinar cases

radial head fracture

elbow dislocation

coronoid fracture

coronoid fracture


elbow injuries

Jorge Orbay

Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon

Miami Hand and Upper Extremity Institute

Lee Van Rensburg

Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

Adam Watts

Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

Ramon Tahmassebi

Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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