Wednesday 14th October 2020
8pm (GMT+1)

spines for everyone

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Wednesday 14th October 2020
8pm (GMT+1)
3pm (EST)


How to differentiate sciatica from cauda equina. Degenerative back pain. Spinal trauma made simple.

Wednesday 28th October 2020
8pm (GMT+1)
3pm (EST)

shoulder instability

What to do with the first time dislocation? How to manage the soft tissue injuries and bone defects?

Join us for our next trauma & orthopaedic educational webinars. Unable to join us live? Fear not, we will be recording it and posting it online on the orthohub to watch later.

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making good decisions in elbow trauma

the bounce back factor: understanding resilience and how it can work for you in any situation

bone infection, bone defects and deformity correction

ankle fractures & lisfranc injuries

from diagnosis & investigation to definitive fixation

improve your TKR outcomes

from basic science to practical tips

wellbeing in adversity

how to thrive in adversity: resources for orthopaedic surgeons

orthopaedic research

what every orthopaedic surgeon needs to know about research

COVID-19 x orthopaedic trauma

management of C-19 injuries after the pandemic

COVID-19 x training

the impact on orthopaedic training: what does it mean for you?

COVID-19 x Charnley

the conservative management of orthopaedic injuries

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MSc Orthopaedic
Trauma Science

This course is tailored to meet the needs of international graduates from all healthcare and health sciences backgrounds including surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, operating department staff, allied health professionals and those with a specialist interest in orthopaedic trauma education and training.