See One / Do One Podcast

Peter Bates and Kash Akhtar
A light-hearted and irreverent podcast discussing aspects of trauma and orthopaedics. May contain naughty words so listen with discretion.

[buzzsprout episode=’5483893′ player=’true’] **not just for upper limb surgeons- just give it a listen!!!** this is quite possibly our best […]
[buzzsprout episode=’4697357′ player=’true’] This is the second conversation with Mr Prim Achan, Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon, previous ABC Fellow […]
[buzzsprout episode=’3912302′ player=’true’] Kash Akhtar & Prim Achan I really enjoyed this wide-ranging conversation with Mr Prim Achan, Consultant Trauma […]
[buzzsprout episode=’3612169′ player=’true’] 4th May 2020, Pete Bates & Kash Akhtar A BUMPER DOUBLE-EDITION episode to help get you through […]
[buzzsprout episode=’3323041′ player=’true’] 11th April, 2020 Pete Bates & Kash Akhtar First the rise of Skywalker, now the rise of Bates. […]
First the rise of Skywalker, now the rise of Bates.Pete is back to finish up with round 2 of the […]
005 – never Ghana give you up – see one do one podcast [buzzsprout episode=’3011728′ player=’true’] We are lucky enough […]
We are lucky enough to be joined by two of our paediatric and young adult trauma & orthopaedic surgical colleagues […]
We start by talking about the repercussions of doing a podcast. Pete then gives Kash closure as they discuss everything […]
[buzzsprout episode=’2536945′ player=’true’] episode 3 – the one where Pete almost dies – see one do one podcast We catch […]
We catch up over our Christmases and the challenges of nut roast.Once we establish that Pete will always be late […]
[buzzsprout episode=’2386523′ player=’true’] episode 2 – the hardest operation in orthopaedics – see one / do one podcast So here […]
So here we are, episode 2!This was recorded back to back with the pilot episode and so there is some […]
[buzzsprout episode=’2330120′ player=’true’] 001: Introduction & distal tibial fractures Welcome to our first ever podcast! Pete and Kash run the Orthopaedics […]
Our first effort so please be gentle!In this episode, we tell you a bit about ourselves, where we are based, […]

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