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Paedipods aims to gain insight into the careers of leaders and luminaries in the field of Paediatric Orthopaedics worldwide, and explore relevant topics including updated research, education, physician wellness and international fellowship opportunities.

Pranai Buddhdev

#THEPAEDIPODCAST Listeners – THANK YOU for all your support since our Launch in 2020!!! This is our 29th episode released […]
Welcome listeners to Episode 13 of #ThePaedipodsCast!! We have decided to release these episodes once a month on the first […]
In Episode 12 of #ThePaedipodsCast, host Pranai Buddhdev sits with Dr Jeff Nepple from St Louis, USA>, who specializes in […]
As #ThePaedipodsCast ­čÄÖ presents its TENTH episode, podcast host Mr Pranai Buddhdev was extremely fortunate to have sporadically met and […]
Professor Michael Millis is a world-renowned paediatric orthopaedic surgeon with a specialist interest in hip preservation for over four decades. […]
#NoTrainingTodayNoSurgeonsTomorrow as publicised by the JCST made this #TheCoronaCast episode important to address as orthopaedic elective activity begins to slowly […]
As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic, everyone is facing multiple nw stresses including physical and psychological health risks, […]
Genetics is at the very core of understanding the origin of the Coronavirus, its potentially devastating effects on fit and […]
**LISTEN THROUGH FOR UNIQUE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY**Visit & Links Below BOTA Update for all UK Orthopaedic trainees during COVID19 from […]
The COVID19 Pandemic has put the healthcare community under immense pressure both professionally and personally. Stress levels are high with […]
We must not forget medical students when we think of the impact COVID19 is having on the healthcare community – […]
There is currently a lot of anxiety and concern about how #Coronavirus will impact on trainees and juniors in training. […]
The World Health Organisation has announced the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a global pandemic. With daily Government briefings, guidance from the […]
What are skeletal dysplasias? What is epigenetics? What is the microbiome? What do geneticists do when you refer a patient? […]
In this episode, Pranai Buddhdev (founder/host of #ThePaedipodsCast) sits with Leo Donnan from the Royal Children’s Hospital from Melbourne, Australia. […]
Professor Reinhard Graf is a world-renowned figure in the medical field, having invented and developed hip ultrasound for the diagnosis […]
Welcome listeners to episode 3 of #ThePaedipodsCast hosted by Mr Pranai Buddhdev, paediatric orthopaedic surgeon from London, UK. In this […]
In this episode, Pranai Buddhdev (Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon and #ThePaedipodsCast Host) sits down with Mr Dan Perry, Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic […]
In this pilot episode, Pranai Buddhdev (Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon & Paedipods Founder) interviews Professor Deborah Eastwood from Great Ormond Street […]

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