Medical Matrix Podcast

The Medical Matrix Podcast, is a show dedicated to the relation between medicine, science and business, and how to open the door for more collaborations in industries related to the field.
Join host orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Rosie Sendher, in this medical and health journey as she talks with experts on their views regarding emerging innovations and controversial topics.

During residency, every surgeon’s worst fear is to enter the professional medical field undertrained and unprepared. The lack of objectivity […]
When we aren’t patients, rare diseases may provoke different emotions in us when they pop up in our heads. On […]
Several months after the COVID-19 outbreak, the medical community is making efforts to handle the pandemic. Intense shifts and the […]
The COVID-19 virus is certainly not the first pandemic in history… in fact, infectious diseases have been a constant throughout […]
Welcome to the Medical Matrix Podcast, a show dedicated to the relationship between medicine, science and business, and how to […]

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