Consultant Sports Medicine and Rheumatology

Jon has wide and extensive experience in treating elite athletes, military personnel, keen amateur sportspeople and all those who are physically active or in pain. He is the medical lead for the Wales men’s football team and for Surrey Country Cricket.

He specialises in Tendon pain utilising Ultrasound and UTC scanning for diagnosis and ultrasound guided injections and ESWT (shockwave) as potential treatments. He also has a wide range of experience in upper and lower limb overuse and running injuries, Bone stress injuries, adolescent overuse injuries, hip and groin pain, exercise induced leg pain and injury rehabilitation. His Rheumatology interests are gout, inflammatory spinal conditions and inflammatory joint conditions that affect young or athletic people.

Recent and current appointments:

  • Chief Medical Officer and Team Doctor to the Football Association of Wales
  • Team Doctor Surrey County Cricket Club
  • Chair of the Royal College of Physicians Sport and Exercise Medicine Committee
  • Member of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine Ultrasound Committee
  • Previous head of Lower Limb Rehabilitation for the Armed Forces at DMRC Headley Court

Publications, lectures and teaching:

  • Honorary Principal lecturer at the School of Sport, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Ultrasound Examiner for the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • A lead Author on the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine Ultrasound Training Guidelines
  • Published on Tendinopathy, Exercise Induced Leg pain and outcomes following Hip Arthroscopy

Society Memberships:

  • Elected Fellow of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • Member of the Royal College of Physicians
  • British Society of Sport and Exercise medicine
  • British Society of Rheumatology

orthohub content:

knee injuries: lessons learnt from elite sports



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