**not just for upper limb surgeons- just give it a listen!!!**

this is quite possibly our best episode yet, from our new recording studio in the heart of Shoreditch.

Bates is back with a vengeance (boy is he…) and kicks us off with one of the most disturbing stories we have ever heard.

Our special guest is Lee Van Rensburg (aka @Gnomelover1970) and the title of the episode soon becomes clear.

We discuss:

  • how many Vans in elbows
  • kilts vs dresses
  • loving gnomes & why Graham Tytherleigh-Strong cannot be trusted with garden ornaments
  • the magnificent World of Tanks & QuickyBaby
  • an overview of the webinar with Adam Watts & Jorge Orbay
  • Jorge Orbay’s glorious case takeaway
  • a shoutout to Leda Orthopaedics & their support of education
  • proprioception in the anterior capsule!
  • the evolution of elbow surgery & how our understanding of elbow injuries has developed
  • where are we now in our understanding of elbow trauma?
  • the classification of coronoid injuries and similarities with the posterior malleolus (BJJ podcast with Prof Watts)
  • modern surgical approaches to the elbow
  • variations in the management of elbow injuries in different centres
  • the value of increased collaboration within Orthopaedics
  • what to do when you’ve fixed a terrible triad and there is still some instability
  • algorithms for managing terrible triads & the role of plaster casts…
  • critical analysis of the Edinburgh paper on non-operative management of olecranon fractures
  • the joyous beauty of EQ5Ds
  • radial head fixation vs replacement
  • challenges of radial head replacement in young post-traumatic patients
  • the management of elbow trauma in high-energy trauma patients
  • how to manage elbow instability
  • instability vs stiffness
  • all about Essex-Lopresti injuries and some interesting medical history
  • what does the NON-elbow surgeon do with elbow trauma on call on a weekend?
  • is there ever a role for external fixators on the elbow?
  • elbow injuries in elite athletes
  • what options are there for young patients with post-traumatic OA?
  • the future of elbow surgery
  • why sport is bad for you

and much much more!

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Missed the webinar? Don’t worry catch up with the webinar, and the clinical cases.


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