tips, tricks & tactics in the management of tibial plateau fractures, take a look at a few cases ahead of the webinar
Next up is the shoulder instability session with a selection of incredible big name speakers. These cases compliment the session to stimulate thought.
These cases relate to the webinar on spine for everyone. Topics to be covered are low back pain, cauda equina, and spinal trauma.
These cases relate to the webinar on elbow trauma. Topics to be covered are elbow fracture dislocations, radial head fractures, and coronoid tip fractures.
Have a look through these awesome cases ahead of the limb reconstruction themed webinar. Then come back for a video from the panel giving their opinions.
Ankle fracture cases - from stable ankle fracture, syndesmosis injuries, deltoid ligament injuries, and management of the posterior malleolus. Lisfranc injuries.
Join our pre webinar case discussions on knee biomechanics and arthroplasty.
This is a ‘checklist' of the 9 Primal Human Needs. Knowing them and ensuring you meet them healthily, is the difference between just surviving your way through the day, and that of internally thriving – even through adversity.
These cases are are to get you to starting thinking and ask yourself questions about the […]
These cases are aimed to discuss the consequences of non-operative management of orthopaedic injuries during the […]