Have a look through these awesome cases ahead of the limb reconstruction themed webinar. Then come back for a video from the panel giving their opinions.
Ankle fracture cases - from stable ankle fracture, syndesmosis injuries, deltoid ligament injuries, and management of the posterior malleolus. Lisfranc injuries.
Join our pre webinar case discussions on knee biomechanics and arthroplasty.
This is a ‘checklist' of the 9 Primal Human Needs. Knowing them and ensuring you meet them healthily, is the difference between just surviving your way through the day, and that of internally thriving – even through adversity.
These cases are are to get you to starting thinking and ask yourself questions about the […]
These cases are aimed to discuss the consequences of non-operative management of orthopaedic injuries during the […]
Wednesday 15th April at 8pm With the global COVID-19 pandemic, orthopaedic surgeons are being challenged to […]